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Is your sales team getting poorly qualified leads and responding slowly to them, or worse - you have no idea if the leads were being followed up?

Customers who come to us often sell high-ticket product and services, such as financial products or insurance. These sales conversations are often tricky, where clients often have multiple questions, customizations or trust issues.

The best way to sell is to build strong relationships through live conversations. This establishes rapport with your clients and allays fears and doubts they might be facing.

However, not everyone in your sales team is ready to talk to your customer in a moment's notice. This causes you to lose precious leads daily. You also have no way of knowing if they are being followed up.

That's where Novocall comes in. Novocall is a sales call automation system that helps your sales team reduce lead response time and automate call follow-ups with your prospects.

It then distributes leads and calls across departments, helping you automate your lead management processes — saving time, saving money and freeing your sales team to focus on what matters most - closing sales.

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Business We Helped Implement Lead Distribution & Automation For

White Jacobs increased their sales calls by 600% in 1 month


White Jacobs is a credit repair company based in the U.S. 

A credit analyst gets a call back with customers who had submitted a form lead. Prospects were sometimes unavailable at the time or were in a different mindset than when they had browsed the website.

After switching to Novocall, he saw a 600% increase in inbound calls, about a 45% increase in conversions and a 15% increase in revenue. The software also turned out to be an essential part of thriving in the ‘new normal’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Novocall's client - White Jacobs
Increased sales call by 600%

Screenshot: Daily Sales Call Leads in 1 Month

Validus Capital added 40+ more sales leads per month


Validus Capital is a financial service company providing business loans and invoice financing.

Previously, they were receiving leads that had high drop-off rates. These leads came from their existing campaign mainly attributed to live chat and contact forms. 

Their sales team is small, and the minimum loan size is $50,000 and above. This means their sales team need highly qualified leads to close.

After using Novocall, they were able to see a 36% increase in enquiries and added an additional 40+ sales calls per month.

Novocall's client - Validus Capital
40+ more sales call per month

Screenshot: Daily Sales Call Leads in 1 Month

Sales call automation

Introducing a sales call automation and lead distribution system to help you reduce your lead response time and automate manual lead processes.

Finally, a sales automation platform for sales teams that need to build relationships. 

Without Novocall

Lead distribution is manual, and follow-ups are manual.

How much time does your team spend on following up with their leads manually, but to lose track eventually? Do you spend hours gathering individual reports to monitor their performance?

  • Manual lead distribution
  • Long lead response time
  • High drop-off rate
  • Manual sales follow-up process

With Novocall

Keep every team lead informed. Automate your sales processes.

Novocall automates several key aspects of lead management, so your team can focus on closing. The system provides several tools to:

  • Automate lead distribution
  • Capture leads from multiple touch-points
  • Follow-up calls
  • In-depth analytics and insights


Keep every team lead informed. Automate your sales processes.

How much time does your team spend on following up with their leads manually, but to lose track eventually? Do you spend hours gathering individual reports to monitor their performance? Automate this time-consuming process and monitor your team’s progress effortlessly. 

Selling complex financial products or services? Improve your sales conversions through Call Automation.

Novocall specializes in helping you generate hot leads through automating your inbound call funnel.

High form drop-off rates? Shorten your lead response time with Forms-to-Call

Novocall syncs to all your existing website and Facebook forms to accelerate your lead engagement process.

Multiple callback channels

Generate insights that make profitable lead decisions clear

Novocall provides lead and call reports that show you exactly how well your inbound call funnel is performing.

"During the first few months of implementing Novocall, we saw improvements of 40% increase in sales."

- X.Y, VP of Marketing, Validus Capital

100+ More Reasons Why Companies Are Using Novocall's Call Automation To Grow Their Sales Conversion

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What is Novocall?

Novocall is an inbound call automation platform.

Many businesses that sell high value and complex products and services generally have a tougher time selling and converting prospects.

We created Novocall because businesses shouldn't have to spend so much money on advertising dollars or expensive sales reps. We'll help to increase your conversion rates and get valuable calls and conversations to your sales reps.  

How fast can it be set up for my business?

Novocall can literally be set up in minutes, and no, even non-technical users will be able to set up completely.

In the dashboard, we also provide guides to common web platforms builders to guide you if you get lost.

Even better, when you sign up for Novocall, you will get access to a rep to help you and even set up for you. We will do this at no additional cost.

Why use Novocall?

Novocall works by automating your inbound sales call funnel. We help you accelerate lead engagement so that you can reduce lead response time and get more leads on the phone to close them.

Missed calls and opportunities are also reduced with Novocall. We sync to your teams' calendars and understand which rep is available, managing your lead sequences for you.

Over 2,000 businesses has used Novocall to increase their revenue.

What's included in your support?

We provide 3 types of support.

#1: You will get full access to our help centre, that is filled with help articles to guide you through the common issues you might face.

#2: Live chat support desk. We respond as quickly as we can. The owners of the company keep an eye on every question and make sure that you get a great answer in no time at all.

#3: For business accounts, we provide dedicated call support as well. You can schedule a call with us and we'll do whatever you can to help you.  

Does Novocall work with other software I use, like Salesforce CRM?

Yes. Novocall has direct integrations to the common business software companies use. We integrate directly with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, where you can sync 2-ways.

We also integrate into your ad analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Lead Forms.

To find out the entire integrations Novocall provides, you can schedule a demo with our team.  

What Countries Do You Cover?

We are a global company, and we support up to 42 countries with regards to call automation service and SMS.   

Do You Comply With GDPR?

Yes we are compliant with GDPR. You can review our privacy policy and data processing agreement as well.

Are You Secure?

Absolutely. Novocall's software follows all of industry best practices. Our data is encrypted stored in AWS servers and when being sent.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes. Not only can you cancel, but we also have a 14-day refund guarantee if you don't see any results or new leads and calls!

Why? Because:

#1: We don't believe we should charge you if you are not getting results from us

#2: We are very confident you will love Novocall once you see how much it helps you improve and grow your business.

Do You Have Any Custom Plans?

Yes. Some companies come to us with requests for different limits. We're here to help teams of all sizes, and you can schedule a call to discuss how Novocall can help you.