Engage Customers Within 30s With Click-to-Call

Novocall's click-to-call software instantly engages leads to make a call. Qualify your leads and turn them into actual customer engagement. Increase your sales conversion by as much as 120% and reduce your lead follow-up time by 48%.

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Get Better Engagement With Click-to-Call Software

A widget that understands your customer's needs

Add a widget on your website that offers a free callback with your sales rep to your prospects.

Understand the agenda of your prospects before you even speak.

Qualify calls through your preferred marketing channel

  • Click-to-call widget triggered to targeted website visitors.
  • Automatically trigger callback from your form. We power up your existing web forms and create an immediate or scheduled call back.
  • Integrate click-to-call to your Facebook Lead Forms, and allow leads to request callbacks from Facebook Lead Forms itself. Use it for more powerful retargeting or conversion campaigns.
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Make analytical decisions with our powerful dashboard

User-friendly dashboard to glean call-specific reports and summaries. Manage inbound customer queries or send leads to your CRM systems.

  • Differentiate call and message type by channel or platform
  • Understand your call reps journey and increase their success rate
  • Multiple integrations with CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot
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Take your customer's experience one step further

Pre-and-post call manners also shape your customer experience. Send them contextual messages before a call, or send them thank you messages with next steps.

  • Send reminder before scheduled calls
  • Send confirmation or thank you SMS
Pre and post call messages

Works seamlessly with platforms you already love

Powerful Click-to-Call features that work with your business tools

Round Robin

Automatically distribute meetings to your team based on availability, priority or equity.

Call Recordings

Record your calls to check performance or manage disputes

Business Hours

Schedule calls the next day when you're off for the day.

Call Analytics

Measure the performance of your team with their call activities.

Auto Follow-up

Automatically follow up on your missed calls at a pre-set time.

Advanced Call Routing

Send callers to the most relevant people based on departments, product knowledge or location

Connect to lead forms

Automate calls when a lead comes in from your contact form or Facebook form

International Calls

Connect with customers from overseas. Up to 42 countries.

SMS Follow-ups

Provide personalized SMS follow-up to your prospects after the call.

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No more missed calls or poor conversions. Close more deals with less work.

Get 70% Off First Month